“The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso

The above photo is significant to me personally.   The idea of going back to my high school after 34 years and working with the art teachers and young art students to produce a film was something I was nervous about.   And yet, the experience was inspiring.   Who you see in the photo are myself and the students of Northview High School’s Advanced Art Class, part of Northview’s Visual Arts Program.  The students are holding up their half-painted paintings used during filming of “The Last Lesson.”  It is a film filled with humor, emotion and heart.  And best of all—it is a true story. . .my story.

Making the film ended up being an experience that spoke to my heart, reawakening my passion for art and helping me to realize the significance visual arts can play in the lives of young students.

Most of all, the experience opened my heart for those involved in teaching it.   Teachers are the inspiration and reason I am moving forward with this effort.  I hope, in some small way,  I can give back to those of you who teach K-12 art by helping you promote your programs.   Thank you for making an important and lasting difference in the lives of your students.  I know…because I was one of them.  

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Filmmaker/Videographer, Speaker and K-12 Art Education Advocate

Steve Harryman is an award-winning filmmaker, speaker and advocate for K-12 art education.  Steve’s cinematic work has appeared most recently in the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie “Away & Back” and his first art-based short film “The Last Lesson” was awarded top honors in the 37th Annual Telly Awards.

In making “The Last Lesson” Steve rediscovered his once-lost love for art and is now focused on being an advocate for art education through film and video.  He has recently worked with schools in Michigan like Northview Public Schools and Byron Center Public Schools to produce videos promoting their art programs and students.   His ultimate goal is to work with K-12 art programs across the country interested in promoting their art programs through video—all free of charge.

Steve has also recently begun public speaking, sharing his film and perspective as a former art student with art education organizations like the Michigan Art Education Association. One of Steve’s goals is to speak at state art association conferences across the country and encourage art educators with his entertaining and inspiring story. 

Film/Video Works:
Hallmark Hall of Fame / Cinematography

 “Away and Back” film, cinematographer and consultant.

Michigan Art Education Association / Videography

2015 Fall Annual Conference, Grand Rapids

MAEA 2016 Top Student Artworks

Northview High School / Cinematography, Videography

Art from the Heart

2015 District Arts Show

The Last Lesson (Film)

Byron Center Middle School / Videography

Arts ala Mode

“Return of the Trumpeters” (2020)  /  Cinematography

Hope Through The Storm / Videography

Hope Through The Storm Intro Video (2014)

Lainey’s Inspiring Story (1997)