I can offer your art program the latest in professional video production, including filming in 4K and Full HD formats and delivery via file, internet, DVD or Blu-Ray.


I can help with the video editing process, working with footage I shoot, footage you have, along with any photographs you have taken and want to include in a video about your art program or art-related event.


If you have need for someone to take photographs of yourself and your students for an art-related project or event, I can help in that area.


If your school curriculum allows, I would love to schedule a time with you and your class and help provide some additional education about filmmaking, videography or photography.  I can also speak to your students about what it’s like being a filmmaker and also my work with wildlife, including trumpeter swans and brown bears (showing footage if you are interested.)  I am comfortable tailoring my teaching and talks to any group of students, from elementary to high school.